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What do I do if my cabinet doors are hitting together?

Adjusting your doors is easier than tying your shoes. Unless they are custom ordered hinges we install the same hinge on every door we build and all you'll need is a medium fillips screw driver to fix the problem.

First: Open the door and remove the soft closures from hinges (if applied) by pulling back and slightly twisting.

Second: Turn the first screw on each hinge clockwise 1/4 to 1/2 a turn. Doing so should move the doors apart. Adjust them to your desired width and that's it!

If you're still not figuring it out, we explained it in the video below. 

Humidity is the main reason your cabinet doors will hit together so they may need adjusted back together once the humidity gets lower.

Door Adjustment Video

How do I remove my drawers?

From time to time you want to take out a drawer and with the clips we put on at the cabinet shop, it only takes seconds.                                                                          

First: Pull the drawer all the way out until it stops.

Second: Place both hands under the front of the drawer, just behind the drawer front. There should be two clips on both sides.

Third: Pull both clips towards the outside of the drawer and lift up, the drawer should pop out easily.

Once you want it back in, just set it back on the sliding rails and push it all the way back into the opening until you hear both of the clips click. Open and close it a few times to make sure it is locked in and you're good to go.


Drawer Removal Video